Nishikido’s Motto

At Nishikido, Our philosophy is Hyaku-shi sen-kai (百試千改), literally “make it 100 times, improve it 1,000 times.” To us, this means carefully crafting and continuously improving confections that make the most of the incredible rice, fruit, seafood, and water that Hiroshima is blessed with. Each day, we strive to continue expanding the boundaries of Japanese confections (wagashi) so we can deliver the very best“Oishii ” to our customers.

Company History

Nishikido began making momiji manju in 1951 to give courage and hope to the citizens of Hiroshima who were hard at work rebuilding their city in the aftermath of the atomic bomb. In the past, momiji manju were made individually by skilled confectioners. Our company was the first to implement the use of machines to replicate that craftsmanship and has remained a pioneer in Japanese confection ever since. Furthermore, Nishikido chose not to patent their machine in the spirit of “competition brings prosperity” and in the hope for the further development of momiji manju.

Commitment to Food Safety

Nishikido upholds the highest of quality standards through our rigorous food hygiene management, so that our customers can enjoy our products with the utmost peace of mind. Our food hygiene management is based on HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) and we’ve earned a five-star rating in Food Safety from the Japan Food Hygiene Association. We are also certified by the Hiroshima Prefecture Independent Food Hygiene Management Certification System, which promotes independent food hygiene management by food-related business operators.

Corporate Information

Corporate Information

Company name
:Nishikido, Co., Ltd.
:Hirokuni Otani,
President and Representative Director
:1-13-23 Hikari-machi, Higashi-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture