Nishikido uses azuki red beans produced in Hokkaido.
Nishikido’s azuki red beans are grown in Tokachi, Hokkaido.
In order to meet the quality standards demanded by Nishikido,
our contracted farmers strive with particular focus on soil cultivation,
maintaining a crop rotation where they harvest the beans once every few years.



Hiroshima Confection: Momiji Manju
This manju pastry is the shape of a maple tree leaf,
the prefectural flower and tree of Hiroshima Prefecture. Made using carefully-selected azuki red beans from Hokkaido, the bean paste is the koshian style, meaning all the bean skin has been removed. This smooth bean paste is wrapped in a soft Castella dough. The understated sweetness and light, simple taste are appreciated by men and women of all ages. This product is also recognized as part of “the Hiroshima brand”.
Momiji Manju Assortment: Nishiki Momiji
Nishiki Momiji is an assortment of “Momiji Manju” confections. There are six kinds: koshian (smooth red bean paste with the skin removed), tsubuan (mashed bean paste with the skin left on), cheese cream, chocolate, rice cake, and sweet potato.
New Hiroshima Confection: Nama Momiji
Nama Momiji is a popular namagashi-style Momiji Manju.
The dough is made from rice cake flour and rice flour produced in Hiroshima Prefecture, giving it a chewy texture.
We hope you enjoy the elegant taste created from carefully-selected ingredients.
New Hiroshima Confection: Otona-no-Momiji Green Tea and Anmochi
The dough is made with green tea from Kyoto, and the anmochi filling uses rock sugar for a paste with an elegant size and sweetness. The red bean paste has a soft texture like a freshly-made rice cake.
The dough keeps the bitterness of green tea for a confection that is enjoyable in both texture and flavor.
Winter-only Confection: Maple Chocolate
This winter-only confection “Maple Chocolate” is Momiji Manju with a cake dough coated in a high-quality chocolate.
Three types are available: sweet, milk, and white. With a soft, cute appearance, they also make great gifts.
Dokode-Momiji is a momiji manju shaped like the popular national character Doraemon.
The mild-flavored special white bean paste is made by adding chocolate to white bean paste and blended with lemon or strawberry. When you open the “Dokodemo Door” shaped box, you will find a cute llustration of Doraemon and his friends traveling around Hiroshima.
Western-style Japanese Confection: New Tale of the Heike (Shin-Heike Monogatari)
This Western-style confection was created in the image of the masterpiece “New Tale of the Heike (Shin-Heike Monogatari)” by the great writer Eiji Yoshikawa. It is made of Baumkuchen filled with red bean paste and white bean paste.
Brown Sugar Dorayaki: Kuritora
This dorayaki is filled with a large chestnut for a luxurious taste. It uses a richly-flavored red bean paste made from azuki red beans grown in Hokkaido, and brown sugar from Okinawa, with a moist dough.
Cold Confection: Fu Mochi
The dough for Nishikido’s Fu Mochi is made from raw fu and nori seaweed. The raw fu is made by steaming gluten with the starch removed to give the dough a glutinous texture.
This dough is used to wrap the high-quality azuki red bean paste with the fragrance of bamboo grass for a particularly outstanding specialty.
Summer-only Confection: Momiji Dayori
Its name means, “a letter from autumn leaves.” It is an assortment of cool water yokan, or jellied dessert, and refreshing Japanese jelly. You can serve it chilled, or freeze it to enjoy it as sorbet.
Namagashi of the Month - Seasonal Namagashi
This confection is based on the beautiful four seasons of Japan.
Each month, we make a “Namagashi of the Month” with all our heart. Please enjoy the changing of the seasons through our sweets.


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